Bridging the gap between patients and the medications they need.MedVantx is the leading provider or point-of-care medication adherence and direct-to-patient consumer engagement programs. We are committed to streamlining access, reducing costs and providing data and interventions to benefit patients, healthcare providers, payors, employers and manufacturers. The MedStart Connect program provides for a fully automated, integrated, point-of-care to consumer home delivery channel focused on increasing the convenience, quality and cost effectiveness of health care.

MedStart Connect includes free initial therapy samples of prescription and over-the-counter medication and the point-of-care, a patient outreach program providing drug information, adherence management services, and convenient consumer home delivery through its mail order pharmacy. MedVantx has served over 4 million consumers through an integrated network including 40% of leading U.S. health plans, manufacturers and more than 4,000 prescribers.

At MedVantx Pharmacy Services, our state-of-the-art, centrally located pharmacy distribution facility is the hub through which our medications find their way into the hands of patients in all 50 states. By complying with over 200 cGMP-level provisions and equipped to handle pharmaceuticals requiring Cold Chain processing, MedVantx has a proven history of providing the highest quality products and service.