MedVantx truly understands what PBM clients are looking for in a mail order partner. We recognize that organizations are demanding the absolute lowest cost on their mail order drugs while expecting to receive exceptional customer service for their membership. We are proud to offer our Actual Acquisition Cost (AAC) pricing model to our clients along with aggressive ingredient cost guarantees. We also offer the ability to move between traditional AWP discount pricing and our AAC pricing model without penalty, demonstrating our willingness to remain flexible and provide innovative ways for our clients to mitigate risk and ultimately obtain the absolute lowest drug costs on their mail order benefit.

Over our 10-year history, we have become a leader in cost-plus pricing, with over 60% of our customers using the ACC model. This allows you to extend the cost savings to your customers to make their medications easily accessible and cultivate consumer loyalty. Understanding that reliability is critical, we also offer exceptional customer service, with a commitment to call a customer within 24 hours if their order is delayed for any reason.

Our newly expanded, state-of-the-art facility centrally located in Sioux Falls, SD, can safely store, process and ship any medication to your customers quickly and reliably. Our online ordering website is easy for customers to use, and we are fully capable of receiving e-prescriptions.

We have a proven track record, with long-term relationships with many prominent clients with whom we continue to deliver on the promise of low ingredient costs and the highest quality customer service.

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Key Benefits for pbm

Willingness to help customer and remain flexible

Full disclosure and transparency with AAC pricing model

Exceptional customer service