MedVantx partners with a network of national and regional commercial, Medicare and Medicaid health plan sponsors to offer our fully integrated medication management program, MedStart Connect, to high-volume primary care prescribers.  We provide a comprehensive formulary in alignment with your goals of up to 30-day samples of medications most often prescribed in primary care practices, including cost-effective generics, relevant over-the-counter and select brand medications.  Medications are securely stored and tracked in the proprietary MedStart cabinet.  For health plans that sponsor our program, we provide sample medication data in a format compatible with the NCPDP electronic transfer system.  This allows health plans to easily incorporate these sampling events into the patient profile and claims history, making them accessible for pay-for-performance and quality initiatives. Knowing a patient has been initiated on therapy also allows for early interventions and other programs. 

In conjunction with each sample, our MedStart Connect program offers access to licensed pharmacists and care specialists who provide consumers with drug information and ongoing adherence support through inbound and outbound communications. MedVantx also offers a cash-based mail order home delivery program with 90-day prescriptions that are competitive with retail pricing, giving patients another option to manage their pharmaceutical spending.

MedStart Connect sponsorship helps encourage cost-effective prescribing, increase generic dispensing rates, promote formulary alignment and enhance adherence by providing access to free sample therapies in the physician office.  Medication samples can help address the 40-60% of prescriptions written but never filled after leaving the physician’s office.  And our patient outreach and optional mail order program further help to enhance adherence to chronic medications. 

The MedStart Connect program directly aligns with and supports healthcare reform payment models, including the Patient-Centered Medical Homes and Accountable Care Organizations. CMS has endorsed the MedStart Connect as an effective tool to promote the use of cost-effective generic drugs and enhance compliance with new drug therapy.  And our program aligns with documenting medication use in key therapeutic areas as well as driving adherence and patient satisfaction.

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Key Benefits for payors

Physician and consumer/member engagement at point-of-care

Samples at point-of-care = improved adherence

Sampling data provided back to payors

Opportunity to do early interventions based on data

Encourages generic utilization

Improves patient satisfaction

Document key quality metrics