Patient In-Office Sampling 

Physicians are still one of the most trusted sources of information for consumers.  So, having your product samples available at the point of care for physicians to provide to patients creates a unique marketing opportunity.  It’s also an opportunity to stop competing with all of the other products in cluttered and disorganized sample closets.  And our program offers outreach regarding your product to patients after they leave the physician’s office.  We can even offer direct-to-consumer fulfillment solutions through our mail order pharmacy services.     

MedVantx is the key to getting your products into the hands of more patients, and into the offices of hard-to-reach physicians, medical groups and IDNs. By creating easier access and increased awareness through our innovative MedStart cabinet, you can realize increased patient starts and improved adherence for your products.

To encourage high usage, MedVantx will actively promote your brand through the cabinet and literature within the physician office. Once prescribers start their patients on your brand, we can communicate to those patients through our Patient Outreach Program to help encourage ongoing adherence, enroll in your CRM programs, or deliver other messages per your request. And, we will provide information back to you about how your product samples were used—by which prescribers, and to what types of patients they were given. 

Direct-to-Patient Sampling & Sales

Our mail order pharmacy is able to provide direct to patient fulfillment services for prescription and non-prescription products for customers in all 50 states.  We can work with you to implement direct to patient sampling and selling programs.  For prescription sales, we can work with you to develop cash-based or adjudicated processing.  The MedVantx mail order pharmacy also provides on-going refill reminders and patient consulting services.

Patient Assistance Programs (PAP)

We currently provide a variety of services for some of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world, helping them make their medications more accessible to patients. We design each program to meet the needs of our clients and can customize our services to meet your objectives.

Our centrally located distribution center has the capacity to house your inventory, ship to all 50 states and complies with over 200 cGMP-level provisions to help guarantee optimal quality. We can also support any biological pharmaceuticals requiring Cold Chain processing. Over $1.5 billion in prescription medication inventory is securely managed at this facility.

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Key Benefits for manufacturers

Patient Assistance Programs (PAP):

 Can ship to all 50 states

 Cold Chain Processing

 Over 200 cGMP-level provisions

In-Office & Direct-to-Patient Sampling: 

 Put samples in hard-to-access offices

 24/7 in-office product promotion

 Direct consumer messaging

 New distribution channels