Worksite clinics help employers promote health and wellness, reduce costs, and improve employee productivity and retention.  Medications are a key component of a complete healthcare program for managing the health of your employees.  

MedStart Connect for Worksite Clinics provides samples of commonly prescribed acute and chronic medications (generics, brands, and OTCs) at the point-of-care via a secure, automated cabinet. The program provides ongoing care management and is specifically designed to meet the needs of your employees.

By helping to ensure employees get cost-effective, initial medication on-site, we can help improve convenience for them and productivity for you.  Employees who receive their medication in the clinic, are able to start therapy right away and are more likely to continue therapy for chronic conditions.
MedStart Connect captures a wealth of data that can be interfaced with EMR systems and integrated into reporting. The program also offers proactive patient outreach and the option to guide employees to your pharmacy of choice or to our competitively priced home  
delivery pharmacy.

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Key Benefits for employers

Provide cost-effective pharmacy access at point-of-care

Boost Worksite Clinic traffic and loyalty

Enhances employee productivity and satisfaction

Optimizes formulary alignment and generic utilization

Offers proactive adherence counseling for acute and chronic conditions

A viable option in states where prepackaged medication dispensing is restricted